RBTec - Perimeter Security Systems

Accurate, Simple, Reliable Perimeter Security Solution!

RBtec Perimeter Security Systems has been designing and manufacturing advanced perimeter security systems for over 35 years. RBtec has extensive and vast experience in top-tier security, to create Plug & Play perimeter security that are accessible to all. All their off-the-shelf Kits can be installed by all integrators as they require no professional know-how, certification, special tools, or software. It is accessible to everyone!


Plug & Play Kits

• Ready to use kits - No training, certifications or special tools required

• Economical and affordable technology to cover 100% of the perimeter

• Sophisticated calibration, zone sensitivity easily adjusted

• Low voltage and no software/server needed

• No maintenance needed

• One time expense

Fiber-Optic Solutions

Up to 100km/processing unit and within 3m resolution over the entire perimeter

• Al Based Detection Algorithm

• Can be used on the fence and underground

• No electronics or power required in the field

• Full cut immunity

Seismic (Buried) Solutions

Completely passive invisible system

• Al Based Detection Algorithm

• Sensitivity adjustment per sensor

• Stand-alone or IP Network Versions Play

• Event Classification

Cover Customers who are in the: Solar Parks, Warehouses, VIP Residences, Oil & Gas, Car/Truck Lots, Airports, Borders, Cannabis Farms, Data Centres, Storage Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Commercials Areas, and Industrial Areas

For more information about RBTec and their products visit their website: www.rbtec.com